Special Someone

In our class we created many projects that reflect students’ feelings about the special people in their lives. My kindergarten students selected a special someone and then drew a few things on a planning page. They used the app Explain Everything and drew a picture of their mom (special someone) while they were talking about the special things about the person.

There were two challenges. One, it was hard to find a quiet space for students to record their ideas. Two, some students struggled to talk and draw at the same time. It was actually funny to watch. I had a parent volunteer or a student helper or sometimes myself sit with the child while they recorded the movie. I have permission from this family to post this very personal and special keepsake.

Special Someone

1. Planning page of sketches

2. Use the app Explain Everything.

3. The student draws and talks while recording.

4. Save.

5. Export to Dropbox.

6. Email a link from Dropbox to the family.

What digital keepsakes do your students create?


2 thoughts on “Special Someone

  1. What a wonderful way to let your students make a memory that they can see and hear for years to come. Such lucky families!
    I love your blog b/c sometimes my board seems to be on the cutting edge w/ instructional technology, and yet I keep bumping into invisible walls (Skype blocked, email to parents not yet widely accepted practice) when I try new things.

    I wasn’t able to play Kennedy’s Special Someone (will try on another device) but I appreciate the detailed explanation of how you created it. I wanted to do something similar this year with photos of student work (loose parts art, drawings or paintings) imported into fotobabble, recording message, sending to families. Next year I’ll be taking along your blog post when I suggest it again!

    I had to laugh when i read your comment about finding quiet. Oh my yes! I am in a three-class pod! Even if I were in my own room, it is such a busy, exciting, noisy place. My kids are quite used to recording vine clips or Voicethread comments over and over, as the recess bell rings, or a friend calls their name, or a block falls over… Good thing they know how easy it is to delete and re-record!

    As for your question about how we create digital keepsakes, I post our class-made and individual Voicethread books on my PDSB-hosted “my class” site. Students learn early in the year how to find their books, the “We Can See” blog posts, and other links to use at home. Parents have let me know how much they appreciate seeing this window into our classroom.

  2. Angie, I always love what you create for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. You really have students making something meaningful and something that their parents will treasure. I know that the same is true for this year as well.

    I have tried making videos before and audio recordings that parents can have as digital keepsakes. I have also created VoiceThreads that can be embedded on the class blog and emailed out to parents as well. From parental feedback, it’s clear that parents enjoy hearing what their children have to say and seeing them learning as well.

    Now I’m just curious to hear what your plan is for Father’s Day (or Special Someone Day Take 2).


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