What can you see- Part Two

I am so happy with the response to the project titled “What Can You See?” I am hoping this project will extend throughout the year and more educators from around the world will jump in and participate. As Doug Peteterson, @Dougpete said on his blog “The project is simple in its premise but is only limited by the number of participants and the enthusiasm.”  I completely agree and I feel that people are agreeing to participate because it is a simple concept that can yield a lot of learning.

Some of the colleagues who have offered to participate in this project did so because they know me and they all feel they can make a book. What I have discovered is once teachers begin they have many questions for me regarding the creating, the format and the sharing of the  project. This “What Can You See?” project has turned into a learning process for teachers too. I’ve been tweeting and emailing with Ann-Marie @hulseannmarie and Karen @KLirenman discussing options for creating a digital book, compressing movies and sharing links. This is how learning occurs. These educators are conducting their own inquiries. They have a focus of creating a book and sharing it with others. Then they investigated, played and asked for guidance. This is the way we want our students to learn and it is incredible watching teachers engage in the same process.

Jocelyn Schmidt @MsSchmidt was the first teacher to engage in this project with our class. She sent a link to her class book/video. Please have a look at their class book. Our class was able to read it because it had a simple pattern. We also made many connections because it is a school in our region. Our play yard looks similar, we have a similar format with a parking lot on the side of the yard, soccer fields in the back and basketball nets on our pavement area. The students were fascinated that they had a ‘box’ in their kindergarten play area. The box was actually a concrete shed that houses outdoor play items. They were fascinated with the box because we do not have a box in our yard. One is ordered and will arrive soon.

Jocelyn and I extended this project by conducting a SKYPE call between our classes. This led to some new learning for Jocelyn, as she worked with her administrator Greg Collins @gregcollins2010 They connected and ensured SKYPE was up and running for our classes to connect.

Our SKYPE call went as well as can be expected. Jocelyn has documented the entire process of the SKYPE call on her blog The questions are very simple, yet they come from the children. We did not lead them, the simple format came from their inquiry minds. My administrator Mary Cousens also sat in on the SKYPE call and listened and watched our students as they participated in the call. We laughed too as we remembered that these are young learners who are very focused on their own thoughts. One of my junior kindergarten students stood up to respond to a question and she stated, “I have a new tiara.” She was wearing it during the call and I think she wanted the class to be aware of it. What a thrill for her to share her new item with another class of Kindergarten students.

Following our SKYPE call one of my students asked, “Do they have an alphabet like ours?” I replied, “I didn’t see one during our call but I’m certain they have one posted somewhere in their room.” The child responded, “I think we need to make a book and share What do you see in your classroom?” Well, it looks like we might have launched another inquiry. They want to compare the inside our classrooms too. Hmmm….


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2 thoughts on “What can you see- Part Two

  1. Hi Mrs. Harris and the Kindergarten class,

    We were very happy to Skype with you today! Although we had lots of audio and video problems, we were happy to connect with you! It’s crazy you have snow already!

    We’d love to hear from your class! Here’s what we posted today on our blog page: http://msfame.edublogs.org/2012/11/05/welcome-to-kindergarten-music/

    Thanks so much for taking the time to connect with us!

    Mrs. Lim & Kindergarten classes

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