What can you see?

Ever wonder what other teachers or children see when they look out their windows?

Last year our grade three class SKYPED with a class in Alaska. The teacher held up the camera so we could see their backyard. Imagine our surprise when the students saw real volcanoes in the back of their schoolyard. This led to our class questioning all of our SKYPE callers the question, “What do you see when you look outside?”

This year I am teaching Kindergarten. I would like to broaden their world and show them what other teachers and children see in their backyard. My friend Colin Harris @digital_native has agreed to read our booklet and he will work with his grade 6 students to create a booklet about their schoolyard. It is my  hope that as we share these stories, students will gain a wider perspective about the world and a greater understanding about similarities and differences of children attending school around the world.

Will you join in? Please share our book with other students. We also welcome your books. Contact me on Twitter and we can connect and find a way to share your stories.


Here is our school. I’ve uploaded it in a small QuickTime file. My PDF is too large to upload. Sorry!

Our Schoolyard ….We Can See Book-Mobile




Wow, the response is incredible. @MsSchmidt_YR , @KLireman , @team_jellybean , @HulseAnnMarie are all committed to completing stories. I’ve received one from Jocelyn Schmidt already. I shared a Texas story by @Matt_Gomez with my students on Friday. I would really like to see more teachers from other countries join in and show us what they see in their schoolyards.  If you know of anyone who would like to participate, please pass along this info.


2 thoughts on “What can you see?

  1. Loved seeing what you can see. Would be interesting to compare our school yard to yours. We learn so close to you ….. many similarities but also some differences. As for seeing the sun rise in your schoolyard… we can’t see that in ours because we aren’t there that early!
    We will take the challenge and send you our schoolyard story.
    Team Jellybean

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