Teaching Crossroads

I set up my classroom this week and I’m ready for the first day of school. However, I’ve already hit a crossroads. As I set up my word study manipulatives, comprehension folders and literacy workstations, I questioned each and every one. Now that my students will have access to iPads & iTouches in addition to the Smartboard, the Dell and the iMac will they choose to use magnetic letters to make and break words or will they choose to use Dash Lite or another word study app? Will my students really want to type out words on photocopied keyboards? I know you are thinking, “WHAT”? But honestly this was the most frequently chosen task in word study along with whiteboards. Students liked the physical movement of the keyboards to practice words. I obviously didn’t have enough real key boards so I have a few photocopied ones and they loved using them. Now, that’s just not going to cut it. They will have access to iPad keyboards and words study apps. Now, I know I will have many types of learners in my classroom and I think the iPad will reach many of the students who learn best by touch, by visuals and by audio. I’m at a crossroads. Do I continue to implement the types of word study and literacy stations I’ve always done and infuse the iPad, or do I use the iPads and infuse that with a few other stations? Will my students use comprehension folders or will they blog or tweet about their readings? I’ve always been a big component of choice. I guess this year my students will have a lot of opportunity for choice. I’m looking at the crossroads and thinking I’m going to have to create a new road with my students and see where it leads us.

2 thoughts on “Teaching Crossroads

  1. Knowing how long you have been teaching, I marvel at the way you challenge yourself as a professional every year. Although, I must say, as I lay here on a beach in late August, the questions you are asking yourself are stressing me out a little;-)

  2. I think that’s a riot coming from you, Mr. Risk taker. You are always pushing your students and getting them to challenge you. In the faculty of education our theme was “Reflect, reflect, reflect.” That mantra has never left me. I’m constantly reflecting on what I can do better and how I can help students achieve higher standards. I’m off to be a soccer mom right now, but I’m already drafting a new blog entry that might be titled A place for games. I’m thinking about the types of apps each person in my family is downloading and I’m reflecting on Marc Prensky’s presentation at ABEL a few years ago. I’ll post an entry this weekend. 🙂

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